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Hello I’m hamidreza Basiri, I was born on 28/10/1372. I’m working in café for 4 years. When I was studying at school, I was interested in announcing, poem and art. After finishing school, in summer I liked working, my friend offers me to work in café. And I started working in cafe with washing dishes and I learn to prepare cold drinks, and I started learning everything with watching.

I was interested in studying but I didn’t continue my education after I’ve got my diploma, because I like working in café . And I like to do it professionaly.

The first place that I worked was in Velenjak Street in Tochal, when I was working there, my friend Amirhoseyn said that there are some films in YouTube that show painting on coffee with milk. I really was interested in designing coffee, however I didn’t watch the films yet, I started designing on coffee and even I didn’t have pitcher.

I went to different café in town and order cappuccino, stand up near the counter and listen to the sound of foaming milk and then compare the sound. Because of this, I was very good at making food.

Maybe you don’t believe but my first design was very great, I put an ordinary spot on coffee and draw a line at the middle, it became a heart and I change the heart to a man, honestly without watching YouTube films.

The barista of the café that I worked went and I became the manager of that café. I was very talented and I really like my work. After 4 months I had lots of idea , everything was great I had a good salary but I understand that it’s not good enough for my future and I should learn more, so I quit there and went to Lamiz café in Tajrish, they didn’t accept me and my friend offer me Amir chocolate , Shariaati branch. Again I started with washing dishes, I chose there because they were professional and it’s a brand. But my salary was 500.000 tomans each month. I see latte art in this café … and I started watching films, but I wash dishes and prepare cold drinks. After 3 months I started learning hot drinks and always I watched latte arts that baristas made.

One day I asked to let me design my coffee, but I couldn’t for the first and second time, after 3 days again I did it and it was very beautiful and clean. So they move me to Amir chocolate Milad tower branch. And again I started with washing dishes and preparing cold drinks, and there I see pitcher, and started making latte art.

I made Rosetta that was really incredible. When café was closed and all my colleagues were going home, I stay there and watch YouTube films until 4 am. At last I knew everything about them even I knew that made these latte art. Watching these films is one of the reasons that I’ve got glasses now. I watched each film for a hundred times. I sleep 4 am and wake up 8 am. After washing dishes I elevate to be the manager of Amir chocolate Milad tower branch, and I started making different designs: Rosetta, Tulip, Swan ….

After 6 months working in Amir chocolate , I think I should serve the army , it was 1392 that I was sent to the army and I just started making great latte arts and no one believe that it’s my work.

I was in Ardekan in Yazd, and after that Qom. But I couldn’t stand there, and I wanted to move to Tehran, and make latte art in café.

When you were in Qom what did you think about? What did you want from this art? Did you think of world competition?

When I started learning this art, we didn’t have competition even in Iran that I want to think of world competition, but I always wanted to be the best in this art.

Everything for me was latte art and when I was in army I was depressed because I had been a way from café and this art.

At last, they agree to move me to Tehran. I was in army from 6 am until 4 pm and after that I worked in Amir chocolate, Tajrish branch, from 4 pm until 12 and after closing café I practice for 2 hours. I arrive home at 3 AM and go army 6 Am.

When did you understand that you are talented?

I always believed that this is my future job and I should be the best and practice a lot. Even in army I practice a lot and soldiers like drinking coffee because of me. One of my friends that knew I love this job said there’s a competition in Lanjeen café in west suburb. The competition had 2 steps. First step was meeting the competition space. Second step was after 2 weeks it was esfand 92, the day of competition I went there and saw 100 people, MR Mohamadkhani hold this competition. I went but I didn’t compete, I see others works and I decided to compete 2 weeks later.

Latte art Lanjeen competition

I went there alone with another pitcher, there were 15     competitors and I was 13th, until it was my turn I had a bad stress because I didn’t practice. Just I had a picture of my art that I sent to this competition. They called my name but they couldn’t believe I want to compete. MR Mohamadkhani was the judge, I was so stressed that my hands were shaking.

I made my first latte art and everybody clap for me, hearing that clap was more stressful for me. I couldn’t hold the cup in my hand; MR Mohamadkhani said put it on the table and make it. It was very difficult for me to control it. I never forget a sentence that Samin Rhanavard told me: you make it very well. This sentence made me so happy and I enjoy my art a lot. I shout happily at street and that happiness never happens.

Fidilio competition (2014)

After 3 months Fidilio competition was started. 2 of my friends from Amir chocolate café and I attend this competition. They failed but I win and go to semifinal but I failed, I was so sad.

Next competitions were Cofex Milad tower competitions. MR Farbod Saberi helped me a lot; he let me use a part of his café. I think it’s interesting for users of Iran latte art site, it’s always my device: for having more idea, you should look around. I was in garrison 2 days before competition, I saw a rose in the garden and it made me thinking about a new coffee that is beautiful and it smells rose. I buy rose expressed juice, it was something which I made and was made for the first time.

Competition started and I went to semifinal, but unfortunately I was the 3d, and the winners were Hafez Safaee, Samin Rahnavard , Hamidreza Basiri , Hutan Marhami, Kasra Rostami, and Mehran Mohamadnejad respectively.

And judges were: Starfors from Greece, David Bretti, and someone from Turkey.

In way home, I was very upset and I promise myself to be the winner next time.

Fidilio competition (2015)

I meet Behnam Abdi and we practice 4 months. I had many programs and I revise them in my mind.

Even because of that when I was riding my motorcycle, an accident happened for me. But I was ok and competition started and I win. I rest for 2 weeks, next Fidilio competition starts and Masood Khaki came to our team. We practice 12 hours a day , and 2 days before competition when we were practicing for making the peafowl pattern, a new pattern was created, dragon pattern. I made peafowl pattern for the first and omission step, but in final I made dragon pattern, that surprised all the judges and again I win.

The first free latte art competitions (2015)

حمیدرضا بصیری

Again I rest for 3 weeks and understand that national latte art competitions are going to be started, I meet MR Mehran Mohamadnejad about 8 nights before he goes to America for Seattle competitions, and he encourages me a lot to enter the national competitions. He said you can be champion and go to world competition, and this made me practice more.

I practice 20 hours a day and I win the national competitions, but this time was different and I didn’t know if I can be a good agent for iran or not? Though I practice 1 year for these national competitions. And I didn’t have time to practice for world competition, I had just 1 month to prepare.

My friends, MR MohamadKhani, MR mohamadnejad, and , …. Helped me a lot for this competition, I needed a trainer and adviser always I take advice to have a good rank in the world. MR mohamadkhani was my trainer and he helped me he called me every day, I was at home all the time, and practice 18 hours a day.

I should thank MR behnam Abdi and Masud Khaki.

I was so stressed because I thought I travel china alone, but I understand that my friends MR Mohamadkhani, Mohamad Daneshgar, Mansur zandinejad, and human Daneshgar are coming with me, we went as a team.

4 days before start of the competition, MR Ali Zaafari allowed us to practice with plus 4u machine in his café.

What were you thinking about when you had arrived china?

حمیدرضا بصیری

I always think about god.

When we arrived china we should practice in a café named Zoon, MR Mohamadkhani, Nima(our translator) and I went to find the café. Shanghai is a very big city, and there are lots of stores with same name so we went to a wrong place and at last when we arrived it was 10 pm and the café was closed, and the other day when we went to the café , I saw all of the people that I watch their films, the first day of competition when my name was called, I was so stressed and I thought I’m dreaming, I didn’t want to compete but I went there and I wanted to be the champion.

I remember that someone from France jokes me, and he became 25th.

The first day was over and I couldn’t go to next stage, I was so upset and my rank was 13.

Later I understand that attending in the world competitions is a very valuable experience, and now I know that being the champion needs more attempts.

With lots of thanks to all those helped me to be there, (MR Mohamadkhani, MR behnam Abdi, Masood khaki, MR mohamad daneshgar , Iran barista society, MRS shekuhrafi, MR ghanbari, and his daughter Leyla Ghanbari, MR Ali Zafari, Mehran Mohamadnejad, Mansur Zandinejad, Net Espresso Group, and all dears that helped me in this way.  

And thank you for introducing and supporting baristas and Iran latte art, with best wishes for you.

I hope that my experience could develop all the people who are hardworking in this way. I wish Iranian latte arts be the champion.


(You can use this interview with mentioning the source.) 

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