Written By Mehdi Nazeri

Hello to dear Mehran, I will ask my questions with your permission

1 –Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani’s personality in his words:

Tasteful, talented, competitive, loves passion and creativity and building a better world for humans. I never give up facing problems and I make my way out, completely charismatic.

2 –Body Building, Biking or Barista???

All three are different but complement each other. In my opinion
-Bodybuilding means persisting to get results.
-Biking requires quick thinking and fast reflexes.
-Being a Barista means considering and paying attention to details.

3 –Espresso or Turkish coffee, Esteghlal or Perspolis???

Smile! , Why do you put me in this position! , Hesitation and smile again! … I like each one depending on their excitement.

4 –Why did Mehran immigrate from Bandar Abbas to Tehran and from Tehran to Washington???

To move forward, evolve, have adventures, acquire wisdom and be successful.

5 –How would you describe Iran’s barista and coffee industry’s condition in your expert opinion???

Very good and flourishing. People’s excitement and passion for getting into and developing this industry is increasing day by day. Most of famous companies in the world have branches in Iran.
Iran’s Barista association faculty plays a great part in this matter, and I’m an active member.

6 –Third coffee wave! Is there going to be a fourth wave! If there is, what is it???

Coffee waves are special progression in the development of coffee industry.
Third Coffee Wave is a move to produce high quality coffee, this includes improvements in all the production stages, (coffee farms, harvesting, processing, …)
Yes, it can be said we’re on the fourth coffee wave. The fourth coffee wave concentrates on solidarity in quality and global improvement.

Coffee waves can be similar to each other but to explain coffee waves better I should explain their differences. Therefore, I attached a table consisting of waves differences from wave one to four.

7 –Fourth Coffee shops waves ??? Would you please elaborate!!!

Yes, the coffee world is always evolving quickly. This could be felt when we talk about contemporary coffee shops’ styles and their customer service. Maybe next time you’re in a hurry for a meeting, you order your coffee online and get it from a delivery guy in the middle of the street!! A new wave of customer service!!!


8 –What does Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani do in United States ???

In Seattle, the coffee capital of Washington state, I follow many programs and conduct widespread researches about coffee. I take part in coffee exhibitions and seminars, and I study English language and business in college.

9 –Has Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani maintained his connections with Iran’s Barista and Coffee industry ???

Yes, indeed. I’m an active member of Iran’s Barista Association. We discuss research programs and their results weekly at the online sessions. Absolutely I’m close to the superb Baristas in Iran. These connections help Iran’s coffee industry.

10 –What’s Mehran’s short term and long term goals for his professional career and life ???

Finishing college, entering free Barista tournaments, competing in the World Barista Championship (WBC), starting my own coffee business in Washington, and trying to develop peoples’ culture of drinking coffee. “I want to build a better place”: this is my biggest dream.

11 –Will you come back to Iran after a few years ???

Absolutely. I will come back to hold some expert workshops and scientific seminars which are programmed in my schedule in the near future.

12 –Has the distance from your family got in your way of moving forward ???

I miss my family in Iran, but to achieve my goal I accept the difficulties. This will pass and with the help of God, I will bring more honor to my family and country.

13 –What’s Mehran’s last words to the readers of this interview ???
I hope your goals are to make this world a better place for all humans.
Believe your dreams and keep struggling for them to come true.
Think big, keep it together, and don’t pull others down.


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