Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani is a great name in Iran’s coffee industry: Iran’s first national Barista Champion, Iran’s first coffee ambassador the world, senior member of faculty of the Barista Society of Iran.

Mehran was born on September 19, 1986, in an art-loving family in southern Iran. His education is in software engineering, but his passion to compete has encouraged him to exercise in sports like fitness and motorcycling, in which he has earned several titles. In the middle of his studies, Mehran changed his life due to a new passion for the food industry and opened his first coffee shop in Bandar Abbas in 2007, called "Cafe Yasi.” His interest in the field of food industry helped him gain more results every day. In order to keep up-to-date in the industry, he took many academic courses in Iran, Turkey, and the UAE, with world-famous professors. Before he even heard a whisper of Iran's National Barista Championship, he was already fond of coffee science and had made significant advances in this field.

After the opening of the Barista Society of Iran by Mohammad Agha Mohammad Khani, Mehran joined the association, and using the scientific opportunity created by the Barista Society of Iran, he has been successful in gaining more skills and experience at a very high, professional level.

The love of excitement, adrenalin, heroism, scientific advancement and such factors made Mehran enter the Iranian barista championships from the start, and every time he brought a new honor to himself and the coffee industry in Iran.

Among the developments in which Mehran played a part in the coffee industry in Iran, it is possible to highlight the professional presentation, the scientific method of creating a signature drink, barista professionalism, and use of specialized coffee. It should be noted that Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani is the first Iranian barista to introduce and present specialized coffee in Iran, before anybody in Iran had any idea about specialized coffee.

Mehran says, “I’m really happy I was the reason of such an improvement in the country because I affected big parts of the local face of the coffee industry and coffee competition, introducing them to the idea of specialty coffee, and leading to the third coffee wave, which makes me proud.”

Mehran, Iran's first national hero and Iran’s first coffee ambassador, wanted to go to the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Seattle, but he and the Iranian National Team were denied visas at the US Consulate in Ankara. The entire Iranian team were disappointed and went back to Tehran. But, since Mehran didn’t want to miss his chance to attend the World Barista Championships, he refused to give up and with double effort and with the help of a small number of friends, managed to obtain a US visa in Yerevan, Armenia.

Only nine days before the start of the world championship, he obtained his visa, but on his own—the rest of the team could not come. His charismatic and powerful character led him to continue in the face of difficulties. Mehran was in fact the one representative of Iranian coffee at the world championships, and this passion of Mehran did not remain unseen and drew the attention of the international coffee community to Iran and the high potential in this field.

He reached 40th out of the 49 countries in the toughest conditions, higher than countries such as Germany, Belgium and Turkey. Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani was proud of the national presence in the coffee industry, and because of his portrayal of the passion and enthusiasm of Iranian youth in the minds of activists and manufacturers of this industry, he was able to bring a lot of business contracts in this industry. Iran’s coffee industry is proud of Mehran MohammadNezhad Mirjani. After this event, the number of foreign producers and companies in Iran rose rapidly and the Iranian coffee industry was rapidly moving forward.

Mehran returned to Tehran after the Seattle World Championships and held the first Barista calibration on 08/14/2015. The Illy’s Italian coffee team, with manager and mentor Mehran, won first place in the first True Artisan Café tournament in Iran on 06/17/2015. In Iran's First National Cezve/Ibrik Championship on 02/05/2016, he won the title of vice champion. Mehran also judged professional competitions, held coffee classes in different cities in Iran, and presented revolutionary ideas about coffee in cities around the country.

Mehran shared his experiences with other industry activists in Iran, but returned to Seattle on 06/10/2016 to pursue the main goal, the Barista World Championship. He says that he has to achieve a lot of goals for the championship in the world championships, including:

-The ability to speak English at a high level.
-Access to various coffees.
-Participation in specialized exhibitions of this industry.
-Modern Technology, global dialogue with other industry activists.
And many other factors. It's a bit hard to achieve the above-mentioned topics, but Mehran says, “I'll achieve them with my effort.”

Mehran is currently engaged in research in this field and is studying English and business management at Edmonds Community College. He is also a member of the faculty of the Barista Society of Iran. Their goal is to help raise the living standard of all the people around the world, all those who drink coffee, and not just achieve the title of champion, because that is temporary.

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